iPhone out of warranty? Don’t call Apple!


With more than 1 Billion iPhone sold in the last 10 years, out of warranty repairs are a frequent discussion. I think it’s time to give a bit of perspective on the subject.

In a nutshell, before calling Apple for repairs, contact an UNauthorized repair shop around you for quotes!

You’d be surprised at the money you can save and the quality of repairs you can get for the price!

Basic Warranty

iPhones are under warranty for 1 year standard (2 full years with AppleCare+) but even under warranty, destroyed devices are not fully covered. If the repair you need is important call a repair shop and asked them for a quote – you’ll thank me!

Unless you have AppleCare+, take the time and shop around. Even then, after 2 years you’ll be out of AppleCare.

Apple’s contention

Simply, Apple doesn’t want “external” companies fixing their products. Call it control or whatever you want, this is a fact. In some cases, repairs made @Apple are ok, but many times, I’ve seen exaggeration, and we need to cover this.

Apple’s current price list can be found on Apple’s website*. Of course, prices can and do change, but it still gives us a good idea about the basics at Apple.

But why? Because many Apple repairs are done as a bunch (think of your microwave for a second). Apple won’t try to fix individual components or what’s broken per se; they’ll go and just change the whole module or board in a shot.

At a high level, repairing an iPhone screen will run around 200 CAN dollars. A bit less for smaller screens and a bit more for bigger modes such as the iPhone Plus families.

If potential repairs are more significant, bills can rapidly run into the 400 to 500 CAN dollar range. As your device may not be the most up-to-date model, you may want to think about those prices for a minute or two.

*Reference is the Canadian Apple store, and can be found using the link below:

Audio jacks, Batteries, Home buttons, power switches and more!

I’ve seen people paying for a new iPhone, when Apple told them they couldn’t fix the headphone jack! As a note, this port can easily be changed – INDIVIDUALLY – for tens of dollars – no need to spend 200 or 300 hundred bucks for a new board.

Power button, batteries and more can be individually changed and will not affect your iPhones performance or do anything negative to it… really.

Don’t believe me? You can even do it yourself if you like. Get the tools and parts and you’re on your way to making it yourself.

Check out iFixit for some details; been there done that!

UNauthorized repair shops – good friends!

It’s critical to mention that if the repair shop is “Apple Certified” it can’t repair you iPhone or any other device you have from Apple.

“Most don’t know this, but Apple Certified shops are obliged to send the device to Apple for repair!”

As for the others, most of the time, they CAN fix what’s broken with brand new components is available and usually at a fraction of the price. They may even have used parts that are more than fine for you. So…

“Before calling or going to Apple for a repair on your iPhone, make sure you call an UNauthorized repair shop first!”

Call a repair shop and asked them for a quote – you’ll thank me! On top of that, most UNauthorized repair shop can do the work much faster than Apple. You’ll most usually get your phone back the same day or the day after.

So why pay 4-5-600 bucks for a repair, when let’s say, just your audio port is busted – boom 40 bucks!