MacOS – TimeMachine est lent!

Time Machine est le service de sauvegarde automatisé de MacOS depuis des années. Avec cette maturité, comment est-il possible que celui-ci soit si lent? Et bien j’ai une solution pour vous. Celle-ci est simple et n’affecte pas négativement votre Mac! Pour vous donner une idée, je viens de compléter une pleine sauvegarde de mon Mac Read more about MacOS – TimeMachine est lent![…]

When all fails: MacOS Time Machine

Don’t like macOS migration assistant? Want to do things manually and have full control? Well this section is technical, but may yield key results for people having significant problems with Time Machine backups and the dreaded ACLs! But the most importantly… Don’t change Time Machine ACLs! Just strip the ACLs of files you copied from Read more about When all fails: MacOS Time Machine[…]

Macos – How to access a Time Machine drive from another mac?

1 – Attach the disk Time Machine or attach the Time Capsule to your main Wi-Fi/internet router. 2 – Once available to your current Mac, hold down Alt (Option on some keyboards) on your Mac and click the Time Machine menu bar icon. 3 – Select Browse “Other Backup Disks”. 4 – The Time Machine Read more about Macos – How to access a Time Machine drive from another mac?[…]

Apple APFS (Apple File System)

Following June 5th 2017 presentation, I thought updating my article and sharing it was great timing. File systems are key to systems operation, and few people have a clue about key details so here we go! After running MacOS Sierra (High Sierra standard to come) for the past weeks and now year, I need to Read more about Apple APFS (Apple File System)[…]